Argos OnBoard Print Management Now Available for Kyocera HyPAS-Enabled Multifuntionals

Sepialine today announced Argos OnBoard for Kyocera, a print-management and tracking application that supports Kyocera Document Solutions America’s HyPAS-enabled MFPs.

Argos OnBoard for Kyocera is part of the Argos Print Management solution, which tracks print and copy on a wide variety of printers, enabling administrators to control print and copy usage. It also provides user authentication and print, copy, and scan tracking for any HyPAS-enabled and HyPAS-capable Kyocera MFP.

“Together with Sepialine, we are committed to providing robust print management and tracking solutions to organizations of any size,” commented Danielle Wolowitz, Senior Director, Product Planning and Product Marketing.

To access an Argos-enabled Kyocera MFP, users enter a PIN code at the MFP control panel, or swipe a proximity card/badge. Login information is stored centrally in Argos, and can be integrated with many user authentication and accounting systems, including Microsoft Active Directory and Oracle.

By tracking every print, copy, and scan made on Kyocera MFPs, Argos gives administrators a better understanding of how MFPs are used, identifies possible areas of abuse, and provides analysis into user print behavior.

For legal, architectural, engineering and other professional-services firms that pass print costs onto their clients, Argos can require users to enter project or client-billing information after every print, copy, and/or scan. Argos Round Trip accounting integration keeps an active list of billing codes at the user’s fingertips, and sends monthly billing data back to the accounting system for automatic invoicing.

A free 10-day trial of Argos is available for download here. .

Sepialine, the San Francisco-based print management and cost recovery company, focuses on perfecting the art and science of tracking expenses – print, copy, phones, 3D, and more. Sepialine’s print-management software, Argos, is used by companies of all sizes to lower costs, reduce waste,, and increase productivity. Sepialine has development partnerships with many leading print manufacturers, including Canon, Hewlett-Packard, KIP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Oce, Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba, Xerox, and more. For more information about Sepialine, visit the company here.

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