Over 60 Epson All-in-Ones and Printers Now Support Android Printing Without an App


epson mobile printingEpson America, which is a member of the Mopria Alliance for developing easier mobile-printing standards, reports that over 60 Epson All-in-Ones and printers now support Android Printing, the native printing platform introduced in Android KitKat (version 4.4). With Android Printing, Android mobile users can print documents, photos, Web pages, and emails without the need for a dedicated printing app. Over 60 new and legacy Epson Connect-enabled printers and All-in-Ones now offer built-in printing support for mobile devices from Android manufacturers such as Google, HTC, and Samsung.

“We applaud Google’s introduction of Android Printing as a huge milestone that makes mobile printing easier for both users and app developers,” commented Patrick Chen, product manager of mobile connectivity for Epson America. “That’s why Epson is proud to embrace Android Printing with support for both new and legacy printers as far back as 2008. Now with just a few taps, KitKat users can print to Epson printers from a number of pre-installed Google apps today with the promise of print support from a whole new generation of apps available on Google Play.”

With Android Printing, users can discover available printers, change paper sizes, and choose specific pages of the document to print. Following a download of the free Epson Print Enabler and a few steps, users can print emails, photos, Web content, and documents to any compatible Epson printer model from Chrome, Drive, Gallery, Gmail, Photos, and Quickoffice Apps, as well as new apps available on Google Play.

More about Android 4.4 and Epson Mobile Printing Solutions

Epson Connect mobile-printing solutions are designed to make it easy for users to print documents, photos, emails, and Web pages from anywhere in the world using an Epson Connect-enabled printer and a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Epson is also a member of the Mopria Alliance, which it says further underscores its ongoing dedication to advancing mobile printing standards that allow users to easily and conveniently print regardless of brand, device, or operating system.

To learn more about Android Printing and its impact on mobile productivity and convenience, visit the Connect Blog on the Epson Community. For more information regarding printing from an Android 4.4 devices and to access a full list of Epson printers and all-in-ones that support Android Printing, visit online.


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