Ricoh Reports Robust Financial Results for Fiscal Year

Ricoh Company of Japan reported robust financial results for its fiscal year 2014 ending March 31, 2014, with net sales of 2,236.9 billion yen, a 16.2 percent year-over-year increase, and net income of 72.8 billion yen, a 124.3 percent increase. The company said it enjoyed higher sales of color MFPs, color production-printing systems, managed document services, and expanded IT services sales. Structural reform also contributed to a sharp increase in profit, as did the weaker Japanese yen.

Within Ricoh’s Imaging and Solutions group, sales were up for all segments for fiscal 2014 versus the previous fiscal year:

  • Sales of Network System Solutions were up 47.5 percent.
  • Sales of Production Printers were up 25.9 percent.
  • Sales in the Office Imaging group (MFPs, printers, and Managed Document Services) were up 11.1 percent. However, when adjusted to take into account the affect of favorable yen currency-exchange rates, sales for this segment were down 2.5 percent versus the previous fiscal year. Managed Document Services and color office MFPs recorded the greatest gains.

Except for color office printers, within MFPs, printer, and production printers, sales of color units were up among all segments, while sales of black-and-white units declined:

  • Sales of black-and-white MFPs were down 13 percent, while sales of color MFPs were up 4 percent.
  • Sales of black-and-white office printers were down 3 percent, while sales of color office printers were down 8 percent.
  • Sales of black-and-white production printers were down 5 percent, while sales of color production printers were up 34 percent.

Ricoh notes that the weaker yen helped contribute to its overseas earnings, and that there was also strong growth in Japan. Sales in the Americas increased by 19 percent, while sales in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa increased by 23.2 percent. Sales in the Other region, which includes China, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, increased by 27.2 percent.

Fiscal 2015 Forecast

For its fiscal year 2015, Ricoh is forecasting net sales of 2,300.0 billion yen, a 2.8 percent year-over-year increase, and net income of 80.0 billion yen, a 9.8 percent increase.

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