Union Tech is 1st After-Market Consumables Supplier to Market a 3D Printer

plastic filamentChina-based Union Technology International (M.C.O.), the global distributor of Print-Rite Imaging Products (PR) after-market printer and MFP consumables, reports that it’s launched its first 3D printer. PR also says it developed consumables for the 3D printer that consist of PLA filament and ABS filament (above). PR is the first after-market consumables vendor to launch a 3D printer.

“Print-Rite is the pioneer, launching the 3D printer with over 10 patents granted; our 3D printer brings reliable, stable, and precision model for wide applications especially for designer and engineers,” commented Philip So, director and chief for new product development at Print Rite..

The company says it’s developed 3D printer’s software, controller board, and firmware in-house. The printer can produce resolution – layers of plastic –  as thin as  0.1 millimeters. The smaller the millimeter layer, the better the resolution, and the sharper and more defined the 3D object.

According to Print-Rite, it co-developed the formula for its PLA filament and ABS filament with “U.S. experts,” and the filament has been formulated to avoid nozzle clogging.

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