Ricoh Rolls Out Streamline NX Platform for Document Capture and Distribution, User Management

streamlline nxRicoh Americas has introduced Streamline NX, a new platform for document capture, distribution and management, providing automated document routing, user authentication, MFP tracking and restriction, reporting, accounting, and more in one platform designed for hundreds to thousands of MFPs, including both Ricoh and non-Ricoh devices, with the greatest functionality provided for Ricoh devices.

At each Ricoh MFP’s customizable touch screen, users have easy access to a wide range of document-management tasks, without having to toggle between each application.

The Streamline NX server tracks usage volumes across dozens, hundreds, or thousands of MFPs, reporting print/copy volumes, color usage, and duplexing on an individual or aggregate basis, enabling enterprises to monitor their use of paper and toner. They can then reduce costs through new usage policies that are enforced by the software and customizable for each user, group, or individual. The base module also calculates the cost of individual, workgroup or department device usage, making it easier to manage charge-backs.

Streamline NX features:

  • Single integrated touch screen (shown above) at the Ricoh MFP.
  • Scan-and-route documents to email addresses, home, and network folders, enterprise content management (ECM) systems, fax, FTP sites, and directly into other systems.
  • A scanning option features automated routing with optical character recognition (OCR) software, as well as the ability to track scan and fax activity for charge-back, and expanded functionality via plug-ins.
  • One-touch scan can be used to distribute frequently used documents to common destinations with the single push of a button.
  • Metadata can be entered at the MFP control panel to expedite document indexing and retrieval tasks.
  • Scanned previews ensure users can review key documents before distributing them.
  • Device-monitoring, MFP batch-configuration, remote fleet management, and firmware upgrades for administrators.
  • Administrators can configure settings to enforce MFP usage policies, manage quotas, establish charge-backs, and generate reports.
  • A special plug-in integrates documents from non-networked devices into Streamline NX workflows.
  • A Web-based reporting module enables administrators to generate and configure a wide range of customizable reports to track user volumes for individuals, workgroups, or departments. The reports can be used to monitor usage rates by device and by function to ensure more cost-efficient printing. Exact costs for Ricoh MFPs can be tracked for more accurate charge backs to users and clients.

Streamline NX is available in several configurations with optional modules that enable:

  • Security print features, which require users to swipe IDs or log in at the MFP’s touch screen with a PIN or credentials in order to scan, fax, copy, and release print jobs for printing. This authentication requirement helps ensure that only authorized users see private information, and creates audit trails to help support regulatory compliance. The optional print server enables users to release their job at any Streamline NX-enabled MFP, laser printer, on the network, or desktop printer, and delete early drafts they never printed, thus saving on paper and toner.
  • For Ricoh devices, administrators can also assign cost-saving print rules, including rules that require only black-and-white printing, duplex printing and more, to users who have reached their assigned quota for specific types of printing tasks.
  • Client desktop printing, which brings security and charge-back capabilities to personal printers connected to an employee’s desktop PC or laptop PC. The module enables delegation so that a clerk, for instance, could release private documents sent to printing by an executive. The module can also be configured to route printing jobs to a more affordable network printer, for instance, with a lower cost per page, than the one first selected by the user.
  • One-touch scanning, via the optional scan-fax server, enabling users to scan paper documents and automatically send them to folders, fax servers, enterprise content management (ECM) systems, file-transfer systems, email addresses, or many different connected services, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, FileNet, and DocumentMall.
  • Print-release station, which enables organizations to implement Ricoh print capabilities with other vendors’ MFPs or printers, giving them the same user experience they have with Ricoh MFPs.
  • Mobile printing with Ricoh’s Hotspot Enterprise, which lets smartphone users email a document for printing, and then receive a release code and retrieve their printed document from any Streamline NX-enabled device. Mobile and guest users no longer have to log onto networks, download print drivers, or burden IT with simple print requests. Streamline NX also integrates with Ricoh’s Smart Device Print & Scan, an app that enables smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) to inter-operate with MFPs through the cloud.
Streamline NX provides native support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 Standard/Datacenter Edition (64-bit), and virtual server support. For more on Streamline NX, visit Ricoh here.
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