Memjet Expands Distribution of 60-PPM Color Inkjet C6000 Printer and MFP in Western Europe

New c6000 seriesSan Diego-based Memjet announced today that independent distributor Printberry, and CompaTech, a distributor of remanufactured OEM consumables for laser and inkjet printers, will become distributors for the Memjet-powered C6000 series in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, respectively.

Through the distribution agreements, Printberry and Compatech will sell the C6010 printer and C6030 MFP (print, copy, scan). Memjet positions the C6000 series as enabling businesses to print both everyday office documents in color at a fraction of typical costs, as well as edge-to-edge marketing and sales documents, at one page per second, or up to 60 ppm. The C6010 printer and C6300 MFP use Memjet’s page-wide inkjet print head, releasing up to 700 million drops of ink per second, and as Memje notes, as inkjet devices, consume considerably less energy than laser-based devices, as heat isn’t require to fuse toner to paper. The C6000 series also feature an authorized ink-tank refilling, enabling the four CYMK ink tanks to be reused up to 20 times. Memjet says this reduces the cost of materials, manufacturing and transportation, as well as minimizes the devices’ carbon footprint and landfill waste.

Memjet also says that, on average, Memjet’s page-wide print heads are twice as fast and only half the cost to run, compared to that of traditional color office laser printers.

“By incorporating Memjet into our portfolio, we’re able to deliver the latest in color-printing technologies and uncover new avenues for profit and growth for our resellers,” commented Gerhard Panwinkler, head manager at Printberry. “Unlike other office printers on the market, Memjet drives value through aligning with the exact needs of office environments, from everyday documents to rich business collateral.”

For more information on the C6000 series, visit Memjet here.

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