A Closer Look at HP’s Flagship Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z MFP

new officejet enterprise 585 series

Last month, Hewlett-Packard introduced its most ambitious business inkjet printers and MFPs to date, the Officejet Enterprise Series. At 80 lbs., printing at up to 70 ppm, and with 10,000-page black ink cartridge, in both look and feel the series is the most LaserJet-like of HP’s inkjet products to date. The flagship Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z is especially notable for its advanced document scanning and distribution – scanning at 63 images per minute, for instance, with scan to Microsoft SharePoint, as well as a full-size retractable keyboard, single-pass duplex scanning via a 100-sheet automatic document feeder, and scan-and-send to the cloud. (For complete specifications on the Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z , see below).

As noted previously, the Officejet Enterprise series consists of two printers, the Officejet Enterprise Color X555xh Printer ($1,199 MSRP) and Officejet Enterprise Color X555dn Printer ($749 MSRP), and three MFPs, the Officejet Enterprise Color X585dn MFP ($1,999 MSRP), Officejet Enterprise Color X585f MFP ($2,299 MFP), and flagship Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z MFP ($ 2,799 MSRP). As with the Officejet Enterprise models, the Color Flow X585z MFP can be leased – in this case for $80 per month. As the flagship model, it’s also the most expensive ($2,299, the highest-priced Officejet to date), but also has the highest maximum monthly volume, up to  75,000 pages (2,000 to 6,000 pages per month are recommended), and is designed for the largest number of users, up to 15.

As with the other Officejet Enterprise models, the flagship Color Flow X585z MFP is rated at up 42 ppm in Professional Mode and up to 70 ppm in General Office Mode. It uses HP’s stationary PageWide inkjet print head (below), which is descended from HP’s Edgeline inkjet-printing technology. As with the Officejet Enterprise series, it uses four pigment-based ink cartridges: 980 black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink cartridges. The black cartridge is good for up to 10,000 pages and lists at $109, while each 980 CYM color cartridge is good for up to 6,600 pages and lists at $97, which translates into an economical cost per page – 1.0 cents for black, and 5.2 cents for color. Also required is an Ink Collection Unit – however pricing is not yet available for this.

X series print head

HP’s PageWide inkjet print head (foreground) and four CYMK ink cartridges.

The new devices also support the latest HP LaserJet FutureSmart firmware and HP’s Open Extensibility Platform (OXP), so that software and solutions—including HP Access Control for managing access to the device and advanced capture-and-distribute solutions— can be added. With FutureSmart technology, customers can also upgrade the device’s firmware with solutions available in the future – similar to a PC operating system, the device can be upgraded with service packs or major new function releases, such as security or workflow solutions. The new devices can also be managed with HP’s free Web JetAdmin management solution, and the Officejet Enterprise MFPs incorporate an 8″ color touch screen (below).

Enterprise x 8 inch touch screen

The MPF configurations feature an 8″ color touch screen – the same user interface provided by HP’s LaserJet MFPs.

Three configurations, including the flagship Enterprise Color Flow X585z MFP can be equipped with an optional 500-sheet paper tray and product stand to become floor-standing units.

Advanced Capture-and-Distribute for the Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z MFP

Flow keyboard

Officejet Enterprise Flow configurations are equipped with a standard retractable keyboard for easier entering of data.

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