Ricoh Retires Lanier Brand Name in Australia

A man walks in front of the headquarters of Ricoh Co in TokyoRicoh Company of Japan reports that it will be integrating Lanier Australia with Ricoh Australia to unite their managed services and product offerings under the Ricoh brand. Lanier was acquired by Ricoh Group in 2001 as part of a global acquisition. Ricoh says the integration is a key milestone in the Ricoh Group/Lanier global-integration program.

“We enforce our business infrastructure to serve customer better by integrating two capabilities in one of the biggest markets in our Asia-Pacific and China region,” commented Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director, Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

The integration will align even more closely with Ricoh’s global programs around delivering managed document and IT services to customers. Ricoh Australia will unite its range of managed services and product offerings under the same brand, enabling it, it says, to provide even greater value to customers right across the business-technology landscape.

Ricoh also states it seeks to continuously expand services around workflow and document management, and managed IT services, while continuing to supply best-of-breed print solutions to government, corporate, and professional-print organizations.

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