Report: Project CISS with Photo Gallery and Videos! Continuous Ink-Supply System Inkjet Printers – How do They Stack Up?

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  1. Nick says:

    Thank you sir for the evaluation.

  2. lee says:

    Hi, I see that the external CISS you have been testing look like cheap chinease models and you havent picked any of the branded systems for testing, why not? I have tried out several ciss over the years I have learnt my lesson the hard way as there is definitely difference in quality for the $30 systems compared to the more expensive ones. My preferred choice now is Rihac brand as there ink tanks seem much more robust than others the ink quality is also much better.

    • Terry Wirth says:

      We performed this test early on in CISS history and there were limited kits to chose from. Additionally, CISS sprung up largely in SEA and that is where we sourced the kits. There is no doubt that there are now superior kits available but regardless of their quality, they do not address the fact that the design of some printers make kit installation a tenuous proposition. We had the most problems with the front-loading HP Deskjet printers where there was insufficient space to run the supply hose, as well as securely suspending it over the top of the ink cartridge carrier with other OfficeJet models. It was far easier with the Canon printers because of the top-loading design permitted far more space for the hose routing. Thankfully, all of the major inkjet vendors have introduced printers with factory-installed CISS that operate with minimal drama and good performance. Check out our latest Comparative Hands-On Test Report here.

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