Latest Version of DocuWare, Version 6.5, Focuses on Ease of Use

docuware_graphic_pool_l_enA year after launching Version 6, DocuWare is releasing its next version, 6.5, of this completely Web-based document-management solution. This latest version features a simplified user-interface that DocuWare says makes working with the system easier than before. The Web Client is now also completely based on HTML 5, which offers enhanced performance.

DocuWare says it focused on enhancing the user experience when developing DocuWare Version 6.5. The results, it says, are a new user-interface, and better ease-of-use, so that very little user training is required. For instance, depending on the task, certain features are automatically displayed, while anything unnecessary is hidden in the background.

Web Client Improved

DocuWare also overhauled DocuWare’s Web Client – the heart of the document management solution. Now entirely based on modern HTML 5 technology, Version 6.5 can work on any platform without the use of a third-party product. Google Chrome is also supported.

New Intelligent Indexing Service

With its new Intelligent Indexing Service, DocuWare says it’s introduced a ground-breaking new product to the market. The Web-based service makes it faster to store scanned paper documents using automatic indexing. With Version 6.5, the service was enhanced with additional features: for example, company-specific terms for certain document types can used as needed. Also new is the ability to match the results of Intelligent Indexing with data from third-party applications.

For more information on DocuWare, visit the company here.

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