New Konica Minolta UScan+ Digitizes all Film and Photographic Materials

uscan-lgKonica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. reports that its UScan+ microform scanner that resulted from a partnership with The Crowley Company, a manufacturer of digital and analog film technologies, will soon be available.  Developed by the company’s Wicks and Wilson division, the UScan+ Universal Film scanner will be available to all Konica Minolta customers, offering a broad range of micrographic scanning capabilities.

Konica Minolta says the UScan+ embodies economy of scale with its ability to read, scan, print, email, and save images from a variety of formats including roll microfilm, microfiche, microcards, and aperture cards. Scanning in color, grayscale, and bi-tonal, the UScan+ digitizes all film and photographic material formats.  The scanner also features single-cable connectivity, simple touch screen commands, excellent image quality, and production-level technology/scanning, making it an ideal solution for a variety of scanning environments.

The UScan+ will seamlessly integrate (via PC) with all Konica Minolta desktop printers and bizhub MFPs to support film-based image printing.  Along with sophisticated cost-recovery options, this combination will help customers meet diverse business requirements.

“Konica Minolta enjoys a substantial market share for scanners of this type,” says Christopher Crowley, Crowley company president. “For a company of this stature to recognize the salability and features of the UScan+ reinforces what we’ve known all along – that the market for high-tech, high-quality, low-cost reader-scanners continues to be strong.”

For more information on the UScan+, visit Konica Minolta here.

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