Konica Minolta Joins Mopria Mobile-Printing Alliance as Executive Member


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Konica Minolta of Tokyo reports that it’s joined the non-profit Mopria Alliance mobile-printing alliance as an executive member. The Mopria Alliance promotes the standardization of wireless printing from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

The firm notes that new work styles have emerged in recent years with the growing use of cloud services and mobile devices in offices and business. To meet such changes in its customers’ office environments, Konica Minolta says it’s focusing on enhancing usability and productivity in the office by strengthening compatibility between MFPs and mobile devices as part of its business strategy, such as Konica Minolta’s PageScope Mobile suite.

The Mopria Alliance is developing an interface standard that provides extensive compatibility with printers by any manufacturer for easy printing from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets regardless of location, with the intention of significantly improving convenience for customers, and is currently preparing to begin support for Android OS mobile devices, the most popular mobile operating system in terms of number of users.

We will agree to the mission of the Mopria Alliance, and actively participate in the selection and development of printing standards for the realization of an easy mobile printing environment for our customers.

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