Top News for the Week of 1/27/2014


Photo credit: Nicholas_T / / CC BY

Financial News

Product News

  • Add Dell to the list of vendors either supplying or marketing 3D printers. Dell joins other 2D printer vendors Ricoh (supplier), Canon (development stage and distributor), Konica Minolta (distributor for 3D Systems), Hewlett-Packard (development stage), Xerox (developer for 3D Systems), and Epson (development stage) as either a developer and/or distributor of 3D printing technology.
  • Up until now, 3D printers could print using only one form of material. 3D-printer leader Stratasys has now come up with the first 3D printer that can use up to three materials to create an object – such as a boot composed of a soft interior material and a harder, outer material.


Legal Briefs

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