Lexmark’s Pay-as-you-Go ‘My Pages’ Printing for Small and Mid-Size Businesses – Purchase Prints at Touch Screen


headquarters 2One of Lexmark International’s newest programs for SMB customers is My Pages – a pay-as-you-go channel program under which companies pay for only the prints they need and can purchase more prints at the Lexmark printer’s touch screen.

Under the program, the customer first purchases the Lexmark My Pages printer that best meets their needs. They can then start printing with their 500 starter-page account. When they run out of pages, they can purchase additional pages right at the printer’s touch screen (below), with transactions staying secure with key codes.

My Pages 3

My pages 2

A certified Lexmark representative will provide delivery, installation, and setup of the Lexmark My Pages printer. If the customer has any problems with the printer, they call for service – maintenance and repairs are included in the My Pages warranty. With My Pages, the printer senses when toner is low, sends a message to the Lexmark reseller, which then automatically ships toner to the customer at no cost to the customer. The advantage for the customer is that they don’t have to stock toner cartridges, only pay for the toner and prints they produce, and don’t have to spent time locating and ordering toner cartridges.

Customers can also opt out of the program, and a Lexmark representative will modify the printer so that it can be used in the traditional manner. There are no contracts or minimum purchase requirements.

Currently, there My Pages printers are available from Lexmark resellers: the MS610, a 50-ppm Lexmark Solutions-capable black-and-white laser printer with 4.3″ touch screen; the MX410, a 40-ppm Lexmark Solutions-capable black-and-white MFP with print, copy, scan, and fax, and 4.3″ touch screen; and the CX410, a 32-ppm Lexmark Solutions-capable color laser MFP with print, copy, scan, and fax, and 4.3″ touch screen.

According to Lexmark’s Jason Bright, global industry manager, Lexmark developed My Pages in response to concerns from small and mid-size business customers, and it’s similar to the Managed Print Services (MPS) program that larger customers have implemented. It targets two pain-points for SMB customers – installation of the device, which is performed by a Lexmark service person under the program, and confusion about ordering supplies and where to source them – both of which are eliminated under the program, as supplies are automatically shipped to the customer when needed.

For more information about My Pages, visit Lexmark here.

My Pages Pricing

Pricing applies to all models in the My Pages program:


200 pages $19
500 pages $39
1,600 pages $79
3,500 pages $149
8,000 pages $299
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