Top News for the Week of 1/13/2014 – MPHJ Technology Sues Government, Anonymous Owner Revealed; Sharp Mono A3 MFPs Shipping, More


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New Hardware

Legal Briefs

  • Infamous MPHJ Technology is apparently headed up by a Texas lawyer, and has filed suit against the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for interfering with their patent-enforcement efforts. The FTC had threatened MPHJ with legal action in December 2013. How the case will be resolved appears to depend on a law that requires anyone threatening a patent-infringement lawsuit to actually be prepared to sue in court. We’ll keep you posted on how this all turns out.
  • New Jersey legislators propose a bill that would require ink-cartridge manufacturers to disclose the cost to print 1,000 pages. I was involved in early efforts by major technical committees to determine toner and ink yields, and it took technical experts many years to finally agree on the methodology. I seriously doubt that any politician has the ability to grasp the complexity of this, not to mention how ridiculous the legislation is when one considers that standardized ISO page yields are already universally available. In other words, they want the manufacturers to do the math for the end-user even though cartridge pricing varies wildly from location-to-location around the world?
  • Samsung, the intrepid protector of our lifeblood (toner and ink) has helped repel the infringing barbarians at the gate, winning its toner-cartridge patent-infringement lawsuit against three Dutch dealers.
  • After our tour last September of Canon U.S.A.’s new headquarters in Melville, New York, and the state-of-the-art technology on display there, I’m not surprised by this: Canon leads Japanese companies in U.S. patent awards for the ninth consecutive year.

Markets and Marketing


  • Xerox gets SMART with a unique program. It introduces the Xerox SMART Centre Web site that provides product comparisons, proposal generations, and more. We got a look at it in action during a Xerox Webinar, and it looks like it’ll be a really useful aide for sales reps.
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