Epson to License Patent-Firm Intellectual Ventures’ 40,000 Intellectual-Property Assets

Patent-firm Intellectual Ventures reports that it’s signed a license agreement with Seiko Epson Corporation of Japan. The deal provides Epson with a license to Intellectual Venture’s extensive patent portfolio of more than 40,000 IP assets.

As Wirth Consulting reported in March 2013, Intellectual Ventures filed two complaints in the U.S. District Court of Delaware on March 25, 2013, alleging that Canon infringed on nine of its patents, while Ricoh infringed on seven of its patents relating to printer technology.

‘As consumer electronics evolve to include a vast number of integrated technologies, it’s important for technology companies to maintain access to a wide array of patents. By working with IV (Intellectual Ventures), Epson can strengthen its IP strategy to address that issue,’ commented Andy Elder, executive vice president of Global Licensing at Intellectual Ventures.

IV says it provides a variety of solutions for companies seeking to develop and enhance their IP strategies. IV says companies of all sizes can rely on IV to meet their current business needs and to provide guidance on developing and acquiring invention rights relevant to their product roadmaps. In addition to traditional IP licensing deals, companies can work with IV’s in-house inventors and its network of more than 4,000 inventors and its relationships with nearly 400 institutions, including many leading universities, around the world to help bridge the invention gap between the invention rights a company may already have and the invention rights a company may need.

Founded in 2000, Intellectual Ventures says it’s a global leader in the business of invention. IV collaborates with leading inventors, partners with pioneering companies and invests both expertise and capital in the process of invention. IV’s mission is to energize and streamline an invention economy that will drive innovation around the world.

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