Cortado Offers Free Pull-Printing Client for Lexmark Printers

Cortado reports that its free Personal Printing client for Lexmark printers is now available. This allows Lexmark printers to be enhanced with user-authenticated pull-printing. With pull-printing, the user submits a print job, and then can choose to print it at any enabled printer by entering their user credentials and selecting their print job. 

“Lexmark has been an important partner of ours for many years now. We work together with them within the scope of the Cloud Printing Alliance, among other things,” commented Bernd Hausmann, technical director for Strategic Relationships at Cortado AG. “The new Personal Printing client, which we are offering for free, is an important step for us in facilitating smartcard authentication for our customers conveniently, inexpensively, and securely at the same time.”

A 30-day free trial version of the recently released Personal Printing 3.0 and the Lexmark client, also free, are available at

The Lexmark client can be used with various printer models from the X, T, CX, and MX series (models that support Lexmark’s Embedded Solution Framework (eSF) 2, 3 or 4). A complete list can be found at

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