Samsung Wins Toner-Cartridge Patent-Infringement Lawsuit Against Dealers in The Netherlands

samsung HQComputable reports that a Dutch court in The Hague has imposed a preliminary sales ban on three toner-cartridge dealers from selling non-licensed, non-OEM toner cartridges that allegedly infringe on Samsung toner-cartridge patents. Samsung has also filed a number of other patent-infringement cases against various dealers for alleged patent infringement. The decisions in those cases are expected by the end of 2014.

Samsung named four dealers in November 2013 in its petition before the Dutch court – Yorcom Computers, Print About, Digital Revolution, and Maxperian, but Computable did not state which of the three were banned from selling the cartridges.

“Samsung is pleased with the verdict of the Hague tribunal,” a Samsung spokesperson said. “We want this to protect the rights and interests of consumers, but also those of companies that (sell) environmentally friendly manufacturing reusable cartridges.”

According to Samsung, the patent infringements involve the part of the toner cartridge that collects used toner, and the cartridge’s IC chip’s contact point that enables the printer and toner cartridge to recognize each other. It also says Samsung toner cartridges are protected by a registered Community design (IGM). A ruling on the matter is expected this month.

Samsung Electronics filed a similar lawsuit in Germany. In November 2013, a Munich court issued a provisional ban on seven dealers.

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