HP Wins MPS Contract with Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Hewlett-Packard reports that national healthcare provider Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has selected HP Partner Managed Print Services (MPS) to deliver a print infrastructure to support its patient care.

CTCA helps patients fight cancer using advanced technology with a personalized approach. Its personnel rely on printing as part of their daily jobs, with approximately 30 million pages printed annually. The technology goal for CTCA is 100 percent uptime for all of its IT assets, from software to printers; however, realization of that goal was a challenge prior to the HP Partner MPS engagement.

“Printing is like electricity. You never think or worry about it until it’s a problem,” said Chris Downs, vice president of Information Services, CTCA. “The HP Partner MPS program coupled with a national reseller providing our hardware has given our printing environment the flexibility and geographic reach to be highly effective.”

With HP Partner MPS, HP says CTCA has significantly improved device reliability, reduced costs, and streamlined digital workflows. CTCA has experienced a 90-percent reduction in help-desk service tickets, saved an estimated $200,000 annually and decreased required IT staff time by approximately 2,000 hours annually—more than 83 days per year. In addition to HP Partner MPS, CTCA relies on HP for all major technology products including desktop PCs, notebooks, and servers. HP says that ultimately, these benefits allow CTCA staff to concentrate on projects critical to the business, improving patient care.

“Our customers are consistently looking for ways to improve workflow and better manage IT processes,” commented Bill Avey, vice president of HP Partner Managed Print Services. “Our goal is to provide the innovative printing hardware, solutions and services—through both HP direct and channel partner engagements—that help our customers focus on their business, not printing.”

HP Partner MPS is a service through which HP manages digital and paper documents within a more optimized infrastructure. HP, with its partners, provides supplies and services for print devices, and ongoing consultation for improving workflow and document processes. HP says businesses benefit from these enhancements, improving reliability and removing the burden of printer/copier support from employees, allowing them to focus on higher business priorities.

More information about how HP is helping CTCA is available here. More information about HP Partner Managed Print Services is available at www.hp.com/go/mps.

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