Xerox Smart Centre Web Site Provides Product Comparisons, Proposal Generation, More

Xerox’s channel partners now have access to a free, mobile-friendly Web site containing marketing, sales, training, competitive tools and materials via Xerox’s SMART Centre. SMART is an acronym for Sales, Marketing, Analysis, Research and Training; the Web site is designed to help sales reps complete time-consuming tasks faster and more easily, from searching through numerous repositories for product and industry-related information, to developing comprehensive proposals.

 “SMART Centre is equivalent to having a built-in sales force conducting research, providing competitive analysis and designing promotional materials. It offers a huge advantage for our partners by shortening the sales cycle so more deals are closed faster,” commented Douraid Zaghouani, president of Channel Partner Operations, Xerox Technology.

Available worldwide for Xerox direct-sales people and channel partners, and offered in 22 languages, SMART Centre offers Xerox channel partners the ability to:

  • Use interactive tools to determine the right product mix for customers;
  • Identify competitive opportunities with sales enablement tools;
  • Generate co-branded, tailored proposals using integrated marketing resources;
  • Simplify onboarding and education with interactive training modules;
  • Track industry-related social conversations via RSS feeds, newsletters, tweets and videos;
  • Access content from any desktop browser, tablet or smartphone with a responsive design that automatically re-sizes pages so information is readable and touchscreen friendly.

“SMART Centre is a great marketing resource,” said Joshua Justice, president, Southern Solutions, an authorized Xerox sales agency based in southern Maryland. “The thumbnail layout design is simple to navigate. It provides a snapshot of real-time information and usable content that I can easily incorporate into sales presentations and on my website.”

New Web Site Dedicated to Partner Recruitment

With the new “Partner With Xerox” Web site, prospective partners can identify their business model and find the right Xerox channel partnership program for their business.

Benefits include rebates, certification opportunities, technical, marketing, and business support.

For more information on Xerox’s SMART Centre, visit Xerox here.

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