Top News for the Week of 1/6/2014 – Samsung Researching Inkjet, Coca-Cola Hit by Scan-Patent Lawsuit, Lantronix xPrintServer for Google Cloud Printing, More


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New Hardware

  • Everybody’s doing it! Mitsubishi throws its hat into the ring with the announcement that it will enter the North American 3D printer market with a hybrid 3D printer purposed for manufacturing.
  • Lantronix continues to innovate and announces the xPrintServer – Cloud Print Edition, a product that enables devices to print to networked and USB-connected printers located anywhere.This is a unique product because it works with most printers because of its cloud-based print-driver system. This means that a print driver is not required on your device or PC. It also magically works with USB-connected printers. Good stuff.
  • Canon rolls out a couple of new wireless PIXMA All-in-Ones with AirPrint mobile-printing support, as well as a printer-only color inkjet with 13″x19″ printing, all part of the company’s continuing strategy to bolster its inkjet printer and All-in-One family, as it sees continuing opportunity for this segment, especially overseas. 
  • Epson announces the WorkForce DS-560, its first wireless document scanner. This is a good thing, since the latest Wi-Fi protocols allow faster data transmission than the commonly used 100BaseT wired networking protocol.
  • Once they were bought out by an overseas firm I thought it was the end for imaging legend Polaroid. However, the company continue to release interesting new products, such as the new Socialmatic Android digital camera with built-in printing and instant uploading to the Web.

Legal Briefs

Markets and Marketing

  • Where do I sign up? It turns out that “copier careers” are pretty lucrative: the news is that the average account executive rakes in $88,881 – double the average annual U.S. wage.
  • I am sure that you’ve heard of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries by now. Well, Ricoh is one step ahead of you and making designs to establish itself in one of the newly minted MINT countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey): Ricoh seeks to grow its presence in emerging markets via the acquisition of a Turkish distributor.
  • We’ve been busy filling in the blanks and dispensing advice. In our 2013 Year in Review, we take a look at our growing Web presence and the most popular content on the Wirth Consulting Web site.
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