Samsung Submits U.S. Patent Application for an Inkjet Print Head for Industrial Printing

Is Samsung Electronics considering entering the inkjet industrial-printing market? A patent application for an inkjet print head for industrial printing was filed in October 2012 by Samsung Display Company, and was made available online on December 26, 2013.

The patent relates to an “… inkjet print head included in an industrial inkjet printer and a method for manufacturing the inkjet print head…a durable inkjet print head which reduces contamination of the ink.”

The patent further describes “…an inkjet print head … including a jet assembly including a nozzle plate, the nozzle plate including an ink transferring-path and a jet, the ink transferring-path being disposed in the nozzle plate and the jet being disposed on a bottom surface of the nozzle plate. The transferred ink is jetted through the jet, a printed circuit substrate is connected to the jet assembly, and the printed circuit substrate includes an integrated-circuit and a connection electrode. A barrier coating layer is formed on the jet assembly, and the printed circuit substrate is combined with the jet assembly to cover a surface of the printed circuit substrate and an inner surface and an outer surface of the jet assembly except the bottom surface of the nozzle plate and a surface of the connection electrode, in which the barrier coating layer includes a flexible layer, a diffusion barrier layer and a hydrophobic layer that are sequentially stacked.”

Inventors named are: SUNG, Woo-Yong (Seoul, KR); Lee, A-Ram (Hwaseong-si, KR); Cha, Tae-Woon (Seoul, KR); Kim, Tae-Gyun (Seoul, KR); Lee, Hyoung Sub (Seoul, KR); Chae, Seung-Yeon (Hwaseong-si, KR); and Choi, Sang Gun (Suwon-si, KR).

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