Epson Working on 3D Commerical Printers, Wearable Technology

usui_profileTheAge reports that in interview with Fairfax Media, Epson President Minoru Usui said the company was working on developing a 3D printer for commercial applications.

Usui said Epson is developing 3D printers that would be focused on commercial applications, such as large-scale production, and not on consumer applications, “We will not enter that market for the (3D printer-produced) plastic models.”

Usui contends that the consumer 3D printer market is limited because of the type of material – plastic – that consumer 3D printers use to create objects.

He also said Epson was working on wearable technology, including smart watches, and a head-mounted display similar to Google Glass that gives the user an augmented reality experience.

Usui also criticized tech giants Apple and Samsung, saying most of their products lacked originality: “If you look at products like iPhones or Samsung devices, if you take them apart then you’ll find that they’re basically all using the same displays, they’re using the same batteries, the same condensers, the same parts. Where there’s a difference between (them) is (in) the design or the software or even just the brand.”

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