HP Won’t Purchase Other 3D Printer Companies, Says HP President and CEO Meg Whitman


HP CEO Meg Whitman

Hewlett-Packard, which recently announced that it intends to enter the 3D printer market, will most likely not purchase other companies to get into the market, but instead will develop 3D printers itself, according to Hewlett-Packard President and CEO Meg Whitman.

Whitman made the comments at an investors’ conference call held on November 26th. She also said: “We intend to play in the 3D printing market because it is [adjacent]” to HP’s own multibillion-dollar printing business… What we are focusing on is what is value proposition by market segment. We have some very interesting things coming. Stay tuned for something in 2014.”

She noted however that HP still has a lot to do in the 3D printer market, and that its efforts now are at the “acorn” level – some of its previous acorns, she noted, however, have grown into giant oak trees.

She also noted that additive 3D printing – in which 3D objects are created by depositing layer upon layer of material (typically plastic) – is similar to 2D printing: “It’s obviously different from paper printing but some of the technology is the same,” she said.

HP’s biggest competitors in the 3D printer market would most likely be 3D Systems and Stratasys, the latter of which HP previously had a 3D-printer reselling agreement with, but later ended.


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