Everyone’s Going Paperless? Not so Fast

Paperless officeA research study sponsored by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) and outsourcing provider Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) analyzed the processes that organizations are digitizing, and the positive results of these transitions. Conducting research across AIIM’s community of over 70,000 members, the companies gathered information from a representative spread of industries and sectors on their attitudes toward current and planned paper-free business components. Focusing on the benefits of digitization and a paperless work environment, the research revealed that by eliminating paper-based communications, respondents experienced an average of a 30 percent improvement in productivity.

Yet despite overwhelming evidence for the advantages of going paperless, the study found that nearly 50 percent of businesses have made little to no progress on their paper-free initiatives.

When looking to improve on operational efficiencies, removing paper from the process can translate into significant cost savings and improvements. However, 19 percent of the companies surveyed reported that paper-based processes are increasing across their organizations. Respondents disclosed that the three biggest issues caused by paper-based processes are: time spent re-keying data, high storage volume, and the inability to monitor workflow.

According to Doug Miles, director of Market Intelligence for AIIM, “There are tremendous opportunities for increasing cost savings and customer service levels by implementing processes that control the flow of paper. Outsourcing these functions to experienced document processing providers allows companies to benefit from industry best practices, appropriate technology, and project management expertise.”

The return on investment for these types of projects is also consistently strong; with two-thirds of businesses reporting returns within 18 months or less, and half in less than 12 months. The study noted that 50 percent of the respondents plan to outsource scanning and data capture pre-process projects in their organizations.

CEO of Swiss Post Solutions North America, Dan Moscatiello, said, “The survey results confirm what we have experienced in the marketplace. Our business continues to grow based on the demands by clients and prospects, and because SPS’ solutions help organizations realize the benefits of digitization and document process outsourcing; namely increased productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced competitive advantage.”

To download the Jump-Start Your Paper-Free Journey white paper, visit AIIM here.

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