KDI Office Becomes a Ricoh-Certified Production-Printing Provider through Ricoh’s CHaMPS Program

Ricoh Americas Corporation reports that KDI Office Technology has been officially confirmed as a Ricoh Certified Production Printing Professional Services Provider through Ricoh’s CHaMPS program for dealers. 

The CHaMPS program is designed to help dealers transform their business to meet customers’ information-management needs. The program qualifies dealers to analyze customer business challenges and prescribe custom services drawing from Ricoh’s Business Information Solutions expertise. The CHaMPS certification program confirms that a dealer has successfully completed all Ricoh Services certification requirements for a particular specialized service or solution offering. 

KDI Office Technology’s professionals have successfully completed expert training on delivering Ricoh’s Production Printing Professional Services. Several of the dealer’s employees passed a certification examination that followed intensive training through the Ricoh Learning Institute, the company’s comprehensive-training organization.

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