Net Sales up for Konica Minolta’s Latest Quarter, Strong Sales of Color A3 MFPs

Konica Minolta of Japan reported strong sales for its fiscal quarter ended September 2013, with net sales of 450,453 million yen, up 17.4 percent versus the same quarter a year ago, Net income was 5,558 million yen, a decrease of 27 percent versus the same quarter a year ago – however, Konica Minolta says this loss included the recording of 16.8 billion yen as a loss on its withdrawal from glass substrates for displays’ business.

[Millions of yen]

Net sales Operating income Ordinary income Net income
2Q Mar/2014 450,454 17.4% 24,180 19.2% 21,498 17.8% 5,558 -27.0%
2Q Mar/2013 383,818 1.5% 20,279 30.0% 18,250 57.3% 7,609 102.8%

During the first half of its fiscal year (April 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013), in the Business Technologies Business, sales were strong for office A3 color MFPs, exceeding sales for the same period a year ago, in all regions including Japan, the United States and Europe, which offset a decline in sales volumes of monochrome MFPss. As a result, sales volumes of A3 MFPs overall exceeded that for the same period  of the previous fiscal year.

Konica Minolta also says it’s witnessed steady growth in its sales model that combines IT service and consulting service together with MFPs on the back of tie-ups with IT service providers acquired mainly over the past few years predominantly in Europe and the United States. In the production-print field, sales of color units were solid and overall sales volumes surpassed that of the same period of the previous fiscal year.

For the full fiscal year, Konica Minolta is forecasting net sales up 14.4 percent net income up 19.0 percent.

[Millions of yen]

Net sales Operating income Ordinary income Net income Net assets per share
Full-year 930,000 14.4% 58,000 42.6% 54,000 38.8% 18,000 19.0% 33.94 yen

For more information, visit Konica Minolta here.

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