Top News for the Week of 10/28/2013

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Distribution & Dealers

This week has been pretty busy, not only for the industry, but for myself personally, having just returned from Ricoh Americas’ annual national dealer meeting (“Convergence 2013 – Fast Forward,” held October 28-31 at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas). We’ll have a full write-up Friday or Monday, but here are some quick impressions:

  • No major programs for dealers were announced, but the conference focused on dealers. Since Ricoh has handed over some of its direct accounts to dealers, there was a lot of focus on their importance – the message from Ricoh to dealers was “We want to work with you” NOT “This is what you’re going to do” – a refreshing change.
  • New hardware included a mix of new A3 and A4, with more attention on A4. An interesting new A4 MFP is available in two configurations – one that can be serviced by dealers, the other of which is designed to be serviced by customers. Ricoh also announced two new desktop printers (approximately $100), both of which it says are designed to help promote the Ricoh brand name among small- home- and “corporate: home office users, and which will be available via retail channels such as Amazon, CDW and Best Buy.


Several Japanese companies reported encouraging financial news this week, due in part to favorable depreciation of the Japanese yen, as well as cost-cutting, and also favorable sales of printers and consumables.

Meanwhile, back in the states, this week’s financial news features one of our iconic imaging technology titans:

New Products and Solutions

In the Courtroom

In spite of the upbeat Americas National Dealer Conference, Ricoh had a rough week in the courts:


Solutions and Services

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