Epson Launches L Series Inkjet Printers and All-in-Ones with Refillable Ink Cartridges

epson L series refillable carts

Epson has launched a new L series of full-color inkjet printers and All-in-Ones with refillable ink cartridges, but at this time the new models appear available only in developing markets.

These seven new models consist of three single-function printers (the L110, L300, L800), and four All-in-Ones (the L210, L350, L355, and L550) and use a refillable ink-tank system that results in a low cost per page – designed to be low enough to deter users from purchasing third-party replacement ink cartridges. Epson also says the new models reverse the current inkjet printer model: instead of inkjet printers being  subsidised with manufacturers making the money back by selling ink cartridges, Epson seeks to change this by charging a little more for the printer upfront, and less for ink itself.

The ink tanks can be detached for refilling to minimize spilling, and there’s also a custom tube design to prevent paper jams, as well as a choke valve at the side of the tank to prevent any leakage during transportation.

Each ink refill bottle sells for U.S. $7.95 and is good for printing up 4,000 pages for a cost per page of 1.9 cents.

The L series models ship with a set of one black 70ml ink bottle and three 70ml color ink bottles; each color ink bottle is rated to yield up to 6,500 color prints.

  • The L110 printer and L210 All-in-One  incorporate the “basic” next-generation ink tank system, are designed for home and small office use, and are the most affordable priced models in the series. In ISO test mode, they’re rated at 6 ppm, which is twice as fast as the L100 and L200 models they replace. 
  • The L300 printer, L350 All-in-One, and L355 All-in-One feature an “advanced” next-generation ink tank system, and are for small to mid-size business users. Print speed is 9 ppm (three times faster than models they replace), and maximum monthly volume is up to 30,000 pages. The L300 and L350 ship with two additional black ink bottles. The L355 has the same specifications as the L350, but adds  Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The L800 printer is rated at 34 ppm, and can print on CDs and DVDs.

 The L300, L350, and L355 all feature Wi-Fi wireless network connectivity. The entire L series uses Epson’s Micro Piezo print head.

For more on the L Series, visit Epson here.

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