Epson Adds Remote Print to its Epson Connect Mobile Printing Suite

Epson has expanded its Epson Connect suite of mobile-printing solutions with new Remote Print. Remote Print, which we previewed at Epson’s 2012 Fall Product Preview earlier this summer, allows users to print to an Epson e-mail enabled printer anywhere in the world directly from their computer or laptop, and works with any Windows software. Once the Epson Remote Print driver is installed and configured, the user just selects File/Print.

How is this different from Epson’s existing Email Print solution and what’s the benefit? With Epson’s Email Print solution, users can print to remote e-mail-enabled Epson printers by attaching a file and sending it to the Epson printer’s e-mail address. The printer or All-in-One then prints the attached file. However, only Microsoft Office, PDFs and image files can be printed. With Remote Print, files can be printed using any Microsoft Windows application – not just Microsoft Office – with formatting and fonts kept intact. For instance, an engineer might wish to send an Auto Cad file to another user. However, if the recipient doesn’t have Auto Cad application software installed on their PC workstation, they can’t view or print the file. With Remote Print, the simply sends the print job to the e-mailed-enabled Epson printer or All-in-One, and the user doesn’t have to have the source application (Auto Cad) installed on their PC workstation.

The free Epson Connect mobile printing solutions and upgrades are currently available for download. For more information and to download, visit Epson here.

Other Epson Connect Solutions

Besides Email Print (which will soon include printing on ledger-size paper) and Remote Print, other Epson Connect solutions include Epson’s iPrint Mobile App. With this free app, users can print documents and photos from a smartphone or tablet, and it’s compatible with both Apple and Android devices. With the iPrint app, users can send Microsoft Office documents, photos, and PDFs over a wireless network to be printed by an Epson Connect-enabled printer or All-in-One. Users can also scan documents using an Epson Connect-enabled All-in-One’s scanning capability to their mobile device, where the scanned file can then be saved, e-mailed, uploaded to a cloud-based storage account, etc.

Epson’s newest printers and All-in-Ones also support Apple AirPrint (automatically connect Apple devices to AirPrint-enabled Epson printers over a Wi-Fi network and print e-mails, photos, Web pages, and documents) and Google Cloud Print (print from an Android smartphone or tablet with Gmail or Google Docs accounts, or from Chromebooks and Google Chrome browser).

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