Lantronix and OKI to Co-Market xPrintServers for iOS Wireless Printing

OKI Data Americas will be co-marketing partner Lantronix’s xPrintServers for wireless printing to OKI printers and MFPs from Apple iOS 4.02 mobile devices. As we learned at a meeting with OKI executives several weeks ago, mobile printing from iOS devices, particularly iPads, is being increasingly sought-after by OKI customers, particularly by those in the education segment. Lantronix will also refer OKI’s products to members of its network that are seeking customized printing solutions.

Lantronix xPrintServer print servers provide wireless AirPrint printing compatibility with many legacy OKI printers and MFPs, and OKI says it’s currently working with the firm to add iOS printing compatibility with all of its printers and MFPs.

With xPrintServers, one key advantage is that users don’t need to download an app or install software, as they can simply use iOS’s native print menu. Administrators just connect the xPrintServer – which supports up to 10 printers and is about the size of an iPhone -with the included Ethernet cable to their network router. iPhone and iPad users will then be able to see available network printers on the wireless network and print to them. Another advantage is that administrators can control which printers are available for printing.

Lantronix’s xPrintServer Network Edition for Small Business, which supports up to 10 network printers, lists at $149.95, while the xPrintServer Home Edition for Consumers, which supports USB printers and up to two network printers, lists at $99.95.

With the agreement, OKI becomes the first printer manufacturer entering into an alliance with Lantronix, and at a time when Apple’s iPad use is expected to nearly double this year, and overall iOS adoption continues apace within the enterprise and education markets.

OKI’s Keith Fenton, product planning manager for MFP Software and Solutions, commented, “The Lantronix xPrintServer offers a compelling value proposition for OKI in the mobile printing arena. Every day, more and more customers are demanding iOS printing solutions – not just for new printers and multi-function devices, but for legacy equipment as well. From its slick design to its incredible ease-of-use, the Lantronix xPrintServer is an affordable and viable mobile printing solution.”

For more on OKI’s MotionPrint suite of mobile-printing solutions, see here.

Our Take

Keith Fenton demonstrated the Lantronix xPrintServer to us when we visited OKI HQ in Mt. Laurel, NJ several weeks ago. It is indeed an impressive solution for those who wish to utilize Apple’s AirPrint because it gives adminstrators a modicum of control versus the standard AirPrint solution which is the “Wild West” of mobile printing solutions.

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