New Malware Forcing Printers to Print Reams of Gibberish

New printer bomb malware is forcing printers in enterprises to print reams of gibberish until they run out of paper or toner. According to an entry in anti-virus maker Symantec’s blog, over the past two weeks an outbreak of Trojan.Milicenso has resulted in multiple reports of massive print jobs being sent to print servers, forcing printer to print garbage characters until they run out of paper or toner.

Symantec says its telemetry data shows the worst hit regions are the United States and India, followed by regions in Europe and South America. It says it originally encountered Trojan.Milicenso in 2010 and its initial investigation had shown that it was basically a malware delivery vehicle for hire. The payload that is most commonly associated with this latest version is Adware.Eorezo; an adware targeting French-speaking users.

The company explains that the virus Trojan.Milicenso can arrive on a compromised computer by various means, such as malicious e-mail attachments or by users visiting  Web sites hosting malicious scripts. Infection via e-mail typically occurs when the user clicks on a link contained in an unsolicited email. More information on the virus is available here at Symantec’s blog.

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