EFI's Next-Generation PrintMe Mobile Enables Administrators to Track Print Jobs Sent from Mobile Devices

With the proliferation of mobile tablet PCs and smartphones being used in today’s workplaces, one concern for enterprises is controlling and tracking print jobs sent from these devices. Electronics for Imaging (EFI) today announced the next generation of its PrintMe Mobile mobile-printing solution, PrintMe Mobile 2.2, that addresses this challenge by enabling IT to control and manage mobile printing by using job-accounting applications such as Equitrac and PaperCut.

With PrintMe Mobile 2.2, EFI says IT can account for all printing originating from mobile devices, as well as implement policies to control access to printers based on a user ID. It’s also added advanced user authentication to enable integration with a corporate LDAP server so that companies can track mobile print jobs in the system based on the specific user who’s printing. IT departments can also use PrintMe Mobile to create and enforce policies to control which printers can be used, and what types of printing options are available (black/white or color, stapling, advanced finishing, etc.) for specific users or groups of users.

Chris Dance, CEO of PaperCut Software noted that with other mobile-printing solutions, such as AirPrint, print jobs are anonymous, and enterprises can’t track them, however, “With PrintMe Mobile working together with PaperCut, companies can now bring mobile printing in line with their job accounting rules in order to properly account for print activity and reduce overall consumables.”

How PrintMe Mobile Works

PrintMe Mobile is designed primarily for enterprise use, and enables direct Wi-Fi printing from iPads, iPhones and Android devices from within the application, and is scalable to thousands of users across multiple subnets. It preserves fonts and layouts, and can be used to print these file formats: PDF, XLS, PPT, DOC, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PICT, HTML (Web pages), Text and PS.

Here’s how it works:

  • Print to printers and MFPs on local WiFi wireless networks from within your application. iPad and iPhone users simply select Print from within their application and available printers and MFPs are automatically displayed. Android users must first download the free PrintMe Mobile app from the Android Market.

Above is the sequence for using PrintMe Mobile to print from an Apple iPad – first select Print; available printers on the local WiFi wireless network are automatically displayed. After selecting a printer or MFP, select which pages to print, number of copies and simplex or duplex printing.

  • Mobile users can print by sending an e-mail to the printer/MFP’s e-mail address, attaching the file(s) to be printed. The printer/MFP e-mail address is typically located in the corporate e-mail directory, or may be displayed on the printer/MFP itself.
  • With (secure) release printing, print jobs that must be kept confidential, after sending a print job using PrintMe Mobile, they’re sent a PIN that they must enter at the printer/MPF control panel in order for the job to actually print – thus making sure the print job isn’t left unattended in the printer/MFP output bin.

A video demonstrating PrintMe Mobile is available here.

A full version of PrintMe Mobile 2.2 software is available for download and a free 45-day trial.


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    […] and BMP. Incorporated into this device are some other useful elements like a dictionary … EFI's Next-Generation PrintMe Mobile Enables Administrators to … It preserves fonts and layouts, and can be used to print these file formats: PDF, XLS, PPT, DOC, […]

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