Video Review: Lexmark Universal Print Driver

Interested in simplifying the management and support of the various print drivers for the Lexmark printers and MFPs on your network? This comprehensive video (see below) provides an in-depth overview of Lexmark’s Universal Print Driver and includes the print-driver installation, as well as deployment with Lexmark’s Installation Packager and Script Generator.

Why a Universal Print Driver?

Universal Print Drivers such as Lexmark’s simplify and standardize print drivers on the network – instead of IT having to install and manage individual print drivers for each printer/MFP model, there’s only one driver to install and manage, saving IT considerable time and effort.

The Lexmark UPD’s user interface is identical to that of the
C748de Workgroup Color Laser Printer that we recently tested.

Advantages of Lexmark’s Universal Print Driver include:

  • Bidirectional communication, as the driver can automatically detect options when they’re installed, so they’re automatically indicated in the print driver – eliminating users or IT having to manually indicate that a new option, such as a document finisher, has been installed, saving time.
  • Using Lexmark’s Universal Print Driver packages greatly reduces time spent installing print drivers on individual PC workstations – there’s no need to manually install drivers at each workstation.
  • The Lexmark Universal Print Driver has a single user interface, so that users only have to become familiar with one interface. With the Lexmark Universal Print Driver, users and IT can also create can create profiles – collections of print-driver settings for specific print-job types – eliminating users making mistakes when specifying settings, and saving time.
  • IT can set up print-driver defaults in a single operation – for instance, specifying lower toner darkness as the default in order to save on toner costs.

Lexmark’s Universal Print Driver (UPD) is compatible with some 60 Lexmark laser printers and MFPs and business-class ink-jets. For a complete list, see here.)

Video – How-To & Overview of the Lexmark Universal Print Driver

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