Updated Samsung App Adds Mobile Printing for Apple iOS Users

Samsung has updated its Mobile Print app so that it now supports mobile printing from Apple iOS devices Previously, Mobile Print had only supported Android- and Windows-powered devices.

With the new version, iOS users can print to Samsung printers and MFPs, as well as use Samsung MFPs to scan and send files to their iOS mobile devices, without installing drivers. The free app requires no download to PCs or an external server.

Samsung also updated it Mobile Print app with these enhancements:

  • Print Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
  • Print documents that are attached to an e-mail
  • Print documents from the cloud, including from Google Docs accounts.
  • Select and print only the pages needed.
  • Print any files shared with other apps.

Mobile Print also includes these capabilities:

  • Automatically find printers on local Wi-Fi wireless networks.
  • Configure and print to Samsung printers shared via print server or Windows, Mac or Linux PC.
  • Print photos, documents and Web pages.
  • Copy and print images, text and Web pages using the clipboard function.
  • Scan a document directly to your mobile device in PDF, JPG or PNG format.
  • Provides a file-sharing feature via HTTP/WebDAV from Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.

Samsung’s Mobile Print app can be downloaded from the Android Market, App Store and Microsoft Store.

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