Review and Report: HP Officejet 6600/6700 Premium e-All-in-One with Photo Gallery

Hewlett-Packard’s new Officejet 6600/6700 Premium e-All-in-Ones ($129.00/$149.00) are full-color ink-jet All-in-Ones, and replace the Officejet 6500A and Officejet 6500A Plus respectively. Designed for small offices and workgroups (from one to five users), the units are the same except that the Officejet 6700 Premium has faster print speeds and adds a wired Ethernet network interface, automatic duplex printing, and USB host port. Both units provide wired Ethernet network connectivity and full-color capability in all modes, as well as Web connectivity.

Hands-On Test Results

Mobile Printing – Mobile printing has become increasingly sought after by users, and the Officejet 6600/6700 Premium support three mobile-printing options: HP ePrint; HP ePrint Home & Biz for Android, iOS and Symbian; and Apple AirPrint for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

HP Apps -­We had no difficulty using and managing Apps, including adding or removing them at A key App is eStorarge. With eStorage, users can print documents stored in Google Docs and accounts—such as patient instructions and forms, company directions, menus, etc.—directly from their Officejet’s touch screen without having to use a PC. Users only print the number of copies they need, eliminating waste, and they don’t have to store hardcopy documents that can become outdated. Using the Officejet 6600/6700 Premium’s scan capability, users can also scan hardcopy documents to their Google Docs and accounts.

The ink cartridges are accessible and very easy to change. XL high-capacity cartridges are available.

Summary – In our tests, we found that what sets these two All-in-Ones apart from competitors are several strengths, including very good image quality not typically found in this segment (sub-$150 All-in-Ones), as the systems performed very well producing our image-quality test targets, and we were especially impressed by color photo output. Another advantage is easy setup and ease-of-use—again the units performed very well—hardware, software and network installation is straightforward and doesn’t require any special expertise, a touchscreen makes operation very easy, replacing ink cartridges is as easy as it gets, software is streamlined and works the first time, etc. All of this is key in this segment where there’s unlikely to be a dedicated IT staff on hand.

Similarly, the Officejet 6600/7600 stand out from competitors with a very economical cost per page of 3.2¢ (black)/9.0¢ (color) for this segment when using high-yield cartridges (recommended). Not only do many competitors have a much higher cost per page, especially when printing color output, but even many higher-priced color laser All-in-Ones have significantly higher color cost per page—up to 20¢ per page in some cases.

Overall, for a minimal investment, home-office users and very-small businesses and workgroups get access to a state-of-the-art feature set—full-color print, copy, scan, and fax, color touch screen, three mobile-printing solutions, print from/scan to the cloud—with the assurance of no-hassle setup and consumables replacement, very competent image quality, and without a hefty color cost per page.

For detailed performance and specification information peruse our HP Officejet 6600/6700 e-All-in-One Test Report, a Premium Download courtesty of HP.

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  1. Yojimbo Poontassa Miagra says:

    I am so thankful so many people being so vocal about their dissatisfaction with this model, because of that I was able to snag one for next to nothing, and this thing is a dream come true. I wish I had the money to buy several of them.

    Seems people are not understanding the nature of this design and how it must maintain a healthy and clean environment for the printhead by spending some ink. I can imagine these same people wouldn’t leave their automobile out in the weather without a coat of paint, so I am thankful at their ignorance as to the intelligence of this AiO as far as preserving itself. Perhaps paying more per page with a laser is a better route for them, at least the toner doesn’t evaporate nor is their a print head to corrode when dry, plus the word laser just sounds like serious business…

    Amazingly comprehensive review and report by the way, muchly appreciated!

  2. Dario Arbelaez says:

    All Of a suden my printer doesn’t copy anymore. It doesn’t matter where I place the original. It stays in: “Starting Copy” but it doesn’t copy. What is wrong?

    • Terry Wirth says:


      If it won’t copy from either the DF or the platen, there may be a piece of paper stuck in the paper path. Finally, check the original and paper size settings from the printer control panel.

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