Review and Report: HP Officejet 6600/6700 Premium e-All-in-One with Photo Gallery

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  1. Yojimbo Poontassa Miagra says:

    I am so thankful so many people being so vocal about their dissatisfaction with this model, because of that I was able to snag one for next to nothing, and this thing is a dream come true. I wish I had the money to buy several of them.

    Seems people are not understanding the nature of this design and how it must maintain a healthy and clean environment for the printhead by spending some ink. I can imagine these same people wouldn’t leave their automobile out in the weather without a coat of paint, so I am thankful at their ignorance as to the intelligence of this AiO as far as preserving itself. Perhaps paying more per page with a laser is a better route for them, at least the toner doesn’t evaporate nor is their a print head to corrode when dry, plus the word laser just sounds like serious business…

    Amazingly comprehensive review and report by the way, muchly appreciated!

  2. Dario Arbelaez says:

    All Of a suden my printer doesn’t copy anymore. It doesn’t matter where I place the original. It stays in: “Starting Copy” but it doesn’t copy. What is wrong?

    • Terry Wirth says:


      If it won’t copy from either the DF or the platen, there may be a piece of paper stuck in the paper path. Finally, check the original and paper size settings from the printer control panel.

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