Managed Print Services Market Growing at 11.7 Percent

The combined worldwide Managed Print and Basic Print Services market is projected to grow from $23.3 billion in 2010 to $40.5 billion in 2015 at a combined annual growth rate of 11.7 percent, according to a new report from International Data Corporation, IDC Worldwide and U.S. Managed Print Services and Basic Print Services 2012-2015 Forecast and Analysis.

According to a press release from Ricoh, Ricoh is second in global market share for Managed Print Services (MPS) and Basic Print Services (BPS), followed by Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark and Canon.

According to IDC, BPS entails a third-party multi-year contract to manage ink/toner and maintenance/repairs for a group or fleet of printers or MFPs, at least partly in an office setting. The contract includes consolidated fleet billing and fleet usage monitoring, and may or may not include hardware purchases or leases.

On the other hand, MPS entails all of that plus detailed up-front assessment, fleet usage analysis/reporting, ongoing optimization, and formal change management with education and incentives.

Ricoh says its BPS and MPS encompass these programs and more under its Managed Document Services business, which addresses broad information management issues such as cost control, environmental sustainability, information security and governance, business process efficiency, organizational change management, information worker productivity, information optimization, and strategic infrastructure.

“Our market share is strong and getting stronger because we focus exclusively on the constantly evolving information needs of our customers,” said Sergio Kato, Associate Director of Ricoh Company, Ltd. and General Manager of Global MDS Center. “If they need BPS or MPS, we can do that. And when they need to go beyond MPS, we are uniquely equipped to assist them in achieving their goals.”


3 Responses

  1. Where in the heck did “BPS” come from????

    This is more than just shaping the battlefield it’s fiction pitched as reality.

    As long as there are plants making machines, MpS purity remains elusive…as long as MpS/MDS/or whatever they want to call it is utilized as simply a marketing leverage point for landing more machines, they are ignoring the iceberg, dead ahead.

    • We believe “BPS” comes from the mouths of the manufacturers/vendors. It is something that their dealers are already quite good at doing and requires no additional smarts, training, support personnel, sales strategies or comp changes.

      MPS involves time and analysis and dealers still don’t have a handle on how to profit from doing this. In fact, many of them avoid any MDS/MPS/WHATEVER program that may jeopardize the price of their clicks like the plague unless forced to do so.

      That is why there’s a market for third-party MPS providers.

  2. Bill F. says:

    BPS serves the dealer but not the client

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