Videos & Photo Gallery – Lexmark X364dn B/W Laser MFP

This black-and-white laser MFP retails for approximately $500 and is basically the entry point for an MFP that’s suitable for use in an office, workgroup or enterprise. While you can get cheaper MFPs, their feature sets and manageability capabilities may limit them for use in small or home offices only.

The X364dn scans in color, and the 35-ppm monochrome print engine is speedy. Yes, you can get color MFPs for less, but again their print speeds, media capacity and manageability features may limit their usefulness for higher-volume use in offices and enterprises. If you need speed and the image permanence provided by toner-based printing, this black-and-white MFP will deliver the goods. You can view the gallery of photos taken during our Hands-On Testing here.

The video series covers Lexmark’s X364dn un-boxing, setup and software:

Part I – Easy un-boxing and installation
Part II – Software and network installation. It becomes interesting here as the installer neglects to plug the Ethernet cable all the way in before installing the software. Watch as he attempts to dig himself out of the grave that he dug for himself.
Part III – Once the device is connected properly, watch an overview of the installed software

Thanks for watching (especially if you made it through Part II).

Part I – Unboxing, Setup & Installation

Part II – Software & Network Installation

Part III – Installed Software Overview

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