Lexmark Adds New LegalZoom, Envelope-Printing SmartSolutions to Color Ink-Jet All-in-Ones


Lexmark has added a number of new SmartSolutions to its color ink-jet All-in-One series, the latter of which it had introduced two years ago. The firm’s color ink-jet All-in-Ones are designed for users in small and mid-size businesses, and is led by the flagship Platinum Pro905 (just reduced from its original list price of $399 to $279.)

SmartSolutions include touch-screen shortcuts for making everyday printing tasks—such as scanning to e-mail addresses—easier. They also provide access to Web content at the touch screen when the All-in-One is connected to the Web, so that, for instance, users can print Web content without using a PC or print driver.


The Lexmark Platinum Pro905’s touch screen; press the icon on the far right to access SmartSolutions.

The latest SmartSolutions are from Legal Zoom, an online, fee-based legal-services firm that provides legal forms and filing of legal documents such as wills, patents, and incorporations. The LegalZoom SmartSolutions are for accessing and printing legal forms, such as employee applications, bills of sale, etc., at the touch screen. The advantage is that you only print forms when needed, eliminating waste and having to store hardcopy forms in filing cabinets, desks, etc. The LegalZoom SmartSolutions include: 

  • Employment Forms ($29.95) – Includes employment application, offer letter, review, written warning, and termination letter.
  • Bill of Sales Forms ($39.95) – Includes Automobile Bill of Sale, Automobile Bill of Sale with Promissory Note, Boat Bill of Sale, Motorcycle Bill of Sale, and Bill of Sale with Warranty.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Forms ($37.95) – Includes Mutual NDA, Employee NDA, Unilateral NDA, Business NDA, and Extension of NDA.
  • Landlord and Tenant Forms ($39.95) – Includes Residential Rent Application, Commercial Rent Application, Termination of Lease, Move In/Move Out Checklist, Late Payment Collection Letter, and Rent Receipt.
  • Business-Agreement Forms ($34.95) – Includes General Agreement, Consulting Services Agreement, Extension of Agreement, Amendment of Agreement, and Independent Contractor Agreement.

All of the LegalZoom SmartSolutions are designed for compliance with U.S. laws, and are only available in the United States. 

Wirth Consulting evaluated the Platinum Pro905 when it was first introduced. At the touch screen, we customized two SmartSolutions, Scan and Copy. For instance, with the “Scan Expense Forms To Kathy” solution, files are scanned using pre-configured settings and automatically routed to a specified user, which is very useful for processing frequent scan jobs. With the Copy SmartSolution, you can create a one-touch key that activates a collection of pre-defined copy-job settings, such as draft, duplex, portrait orientation, etc.

 Easier Envelope Printing

A new free SmartSolution is Envelope Wizard, which greatly simplifies the typically tricky task of printing on envelopes. At the Lexmark All-in-One’s touch screen, select the Envelope Wizard icon, specify the size of the envelope you’re printing on, and then enter the destination address and return address. The system remembers your return address, so you won’t have to re-enter it in the future.

 Scan to Xambox with OCR

With the free Xambox SmartSolution, select the Xambox icon on the touch screen, then scan your documents to your free account on Xambox, a Cloud-based document storage site. The Xambox app also adds OCRing, so that your document will be converted into editable text, and indexed for easy retrieval by keyword.

 Monitor Twitter, Facebook Feeds

For those addicted to Twitter, the free Twitter SmartSolution enables you to view real-time Tweets from people you follow on Twitter on the Lexmark All-in-One’s touch screen. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can use Twitter Search to search for any subject or term and then see what others are saying about it on Twitter.

Similarly, the free Facebook SmartSolution allows you to view Facebook news feeds, wall posts, comments and pictures on the touch screen. Users can also print pictures from their albums and feeds directly from the touch screen, without using a PC and print driver.

SmartSolutions can be accessed and purchased at Lexmark’s SmartSolution Center.  

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