Fuji Xerox Adds Xerox’s Enterprise Print Services for Customers in Asia-Pacific Region

Fuji Xerox MPS

Fuji Xerox of Japan is now offering partner Xerox’s Enterprise Print Services MPS program to its Fuji Xerox customers in the Asia Pacific region.

Enterprise Print Services addresses an enterprise’s entire print infrastucture—from printing in the office, to mailroom printing, in-house print centers, and mobile printing. It’s designed to help companies reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) for printing, as well as reduce print energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Currently, Fuji Xerox and U.S.-based Xerox manage some 1.5 million print devices around the world.

Under the Extended Print Services program, Fuji Xerox will provide:

  • Recommendations to users on how to print more cost effectively, as well as print policies, both based on a Fuji Xerox assessment and analysis of employee work habits. For instance, with print policies, if a user tries to print a large-volume document with a low-speed printer, a recommendation to print to a high-speed printer is displayed at the user’s PC.
  • Mobile employees working from remote locations are provided with the same printer support provided in the office. According to Fuji Xerox, this mean employees will have more choices to print when and where they want to, including from smartphones and tablet PCs, without compromising the document security and without having to install printer drivers.
  • Under Enterprise Print Services, office employees can produce documents with advanced finishing (such as binding and stapling) to a more cost-effective production print system in their company’s in-house print center. They can also preview the finished document at their PC before submitting it.


Xerox’s Enterprise Print Services is currently being utilized by many enterprises in the United States, including Procter & Gamble and The Dow Chemical Company.

“Companies are often unaware of the total costs of internal and external printing beyond the office environment,” noted Masaki Okano, president of Fuji Xerox Global Services. “The Enterprise Print Services is an innovative service offering that enables companies to optimize their entire print operations. It provides the office and mobile workforce a seamless and flexible on-demand print environment without compromising on budget, environmental regulatory requirements and security protocols.”  

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