Ricoh Launches eWriter Solution for Converting Paper Documents to Digital Workflows



Ricoh Company has introduced the eWriter Solution, which consists of Ricoh’s eQuill tablet, which has a 9.7” screen and functions as a digital clipboard, and eWriter Workflow Services, both of which are designed to convert paper-based office processes into digital ones.

For instance, employees out in the field can fill out a pre-populated insurance-claim form with the stylus pen or keyboard, add photos captured with the eQuill’s built-in camera, sign the form, and then press Submit, uploading the form and photos to a server—eliminating having to print, fax and scan paper documents.  On the back-end, eWriter services authenticates signatures by date, time and biometric stroke recognition, and stores these for legal or regulatory recall using Ricoh’s patented AuthentiDoc services. All eWriter data is encrypted using patented “lockdown-secure” Ricoh EWS processes, and information is made available only to authorized users on a rights-managed basis.

Ricoh will market the eWriter and services through a new business unit, Ricoh eWriter Solutions (EWS), whose mission is replace paper-based processes with more efficient digital devices and software services.

The eQuill digital clipboard connects to the eWriter Workflow Services through a WiFi or 3G connection, enabling information to be captured and sent to a central enterprise server, and back again, and has a 20-hour battery life (it charges via power adapter or micro-USB cable tethered to a personal computer). It weighs about a pound, uses electronic ink-display technology, and is about one-third of an inch thick.  Users can submit data via a stylus pen, built-in camera, voice recorder, or soft keyboard. The eWriter Solution can also be integrated with data-capture, document/content management, electronic healthcare records and other business-automation systems using PHP and C# APIs.

The solution is designed for vertical markets such as healthcare, credit and insurance claims processing, audits and inspections, civil and police reporting, etc. 

 Ricoh will market eQuill clipboards through its value-added channel partners, and will begin shipping this summer. Pricing will be quoted on per-configuration basis, with entry-level pricing starting at under $500. Value-added offerings from channel partners can include custom forms applications developed with the eWriter Development Kit, which is now available. Ricoh will sell eWriter Workflow Services directly to business and enterprise customers. For more on the eWriter Solution, visit Ricoh’s Web site here.

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