Xerox Seeks to Extend MPS Reach to SMBs with NewField IT Acquisition

Xerox has acquired NewField IT in a bid to extend its Managed Print Services (MPS) offerings to mid-sized and SMB companies. NewField IT is based in the United Kingdom, and provides office-technology consulting and assessment, as well as related software solutions. 

According to a report released in September of last year by International Data Corporation (IDC), Xerox is one of the leaders in the MPS market. The report, Worldwide and U.S. Outsourced Print and Document Services and Analysis, states that has Xerox had some 48.5 percent market share in the MPS market, and that total worldwide revenue for MPS was $7.78 billion in 2009.

As an office-technology consultant, NewField IT assesses a company’s print fleet and tracks device usage pattern, using its Asset DB™ software suite (above), for instance to creates maps of a company’s floor plan to show where printers and copiers are deployed, and then tracks their usage, and recommends methods so that the company can lower their overall print costs and better manage their devices. It also implements print-management software (including print management for legacy systems), and scan and document-routing software.

While Xerox is a leading MPS provider for enterprises, it’ll be seeking to use NewField IT to penetrate SMB customers, as it sees more SMBs looking to implement MPS, especially in the next two years, where it expects significant growth. However, it says that MPS tailored for the enterprise is not appropriate for small and mid-size businesses, who require a different approach—one that it sees NewField IT as providing.

As for NewField IT itself, it will operate as an independent but wholly-owned Xerox subsidiary. The firm, which is ISO 9001 certified, will continue to operate as a vendor-neutral provider, recommending, for instance, what it calls best-in-class printers, MFPs, etc., that aren’t of any particular brand. NewField’s Robert Newry notes, “Our approach to serving clients doesn’t change: we’ll remain an integral part of MPS offerings provided through a number of vendors in the field, and we will continue to preserve our impartibility in serving the market.”

NewField IT co-founders Newry and James Duckenfield will continue to jointly lead the company, with Newry reporting directly to Stephen Cronin, president of Xerox’s Global Document Outsourcing. NewField IT will maintain its name and keep its headquarters in Twickenham in the United Kingdom, with its U.S. operations remaining in Philadelphia, PA. Its employees will all continue to operate as part of NewField IT.

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