Hands-On Test Report: HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer–Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

In order to protect the printer when you’re not using it, close this cover.

When the protective cover is opened up it serves as the paper-feed tray. The media output mechanism (bottom area in photo above) drops open automatically when the printer wakes up.

In our tests, we found that the printer was surprisingly speedy for such a little device (up to 5 ppm printing Microsoft Word), and we were impressed with image quality, which was right on par with the very good image quality we’ve come to expect from other Officejets we’ve tested. We also noticed exceptionally fast and easy hardware and software installation—a key consideration if you’re deploying several units to mobile workers—it took us just about 11 minutes to un-box the printer, install ink cartridges, and about 12 minutes to set-up Bluetooth via a wizard-style installation utility.

Color image-quality sample produced on HP glossy ink-jet paper.

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