New Panasonic Fax Machines Incorporate Advanced Security Features

Panasonic has rolled out two new business-class fax machines with advanced security that are designed for small and mid-size businesses, and particularly for healthcare providers and public services that are required to keep documents and information confidential. Both new laser-based Super Group 3 fax machines, the UF-5500 and UF-4500, are rated at up to 24 ppm printing, and scan as fast as 3 seconds per page.

Security features include:

  • Direct Dial Re-entry requires users to confirm directly dialed numbers before fax transmission can begin, preventing users from sending documents to the wrong recipients.
  • Direct Dial Blocking allows system administers limit users so that they can only send to one of the fax numbers in the fax machine’s 200-station autodialer. 
  • On-Screen Address Confirmation displays the selected registered name on the LCD display before sending the system sends the fax, helping users confirm that they’re sending the fax to the correct recipient.
  • Features designed to restrict access to documents stored in RAM memory include automatic erasing of outgoing faxes after successful transmission or repeated attempts that result in transmission failure.

According to Panasonic System Networks Company of America President Bill Taylor, who notes the company’s four decades in the fax-machine business, the new fax machines’ security provisions in particular address the security concerns of healthcare professionals who are required by privacy laws such as HIPAA to keep patient healthcare information confidential. Taylor notes, “With the UF-5500 and UF-4500 we have taken major steps to address end-user concerns about documents being unintentionally sent to the wrong recipient, or intentionally pilfered from a machine’s internal memory in a highly efficient, workflow-friendly manner.”

The UF-5500 ($899) incorporates 8 MB of memory, while the UF-4500 ($749) incorporates 4 MB of memory. Both also provide a 32-character LCD display, 30-sheet ADF, 250-sheet paper drawer, Junk Fax Filter, and remote maintenance and support. The UF-5500 also adds Ethernet network connectivity, enabling full-color network scanning, PC fax from the user’s computer desktop, and the ability to manage the fax machine’s phone book and configuration settings via the PC.

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