Xerox Enters High-Volume Ink-Jet Production Market with “Waterless Ink-Jet” Production Printer

Xerox CiPressXerox is officially launching its Production Inkjet System for high-speed color ink-jet printing. It says the new production printer, which it had previewed at last year’s IPEX show, uses waterless ink-jet technology via an ink formulation based on its proprietary solid-ink imaging technology. The benefit of the ink formulation, it says, is that water content is eliminated, so there’s no water seepage through even lower-cost, untreated offset paper, an advantage that also provides better de-inking of printed pages.  The ink consists of a patented, granulated, resin-based ink formulation. The Production Inkjet System can produce nearly 2,200 pages or 500 feet per minute, and is designed for high-volume applications such as direct marketing, transpromo, and publishing.

Other highlights include:

  • The system continuously monitors every page it produces and self-adjusts if an ink nozzle isn’t firing properly.
  • The server can be scaled for job complexity whether printing straightforward static pages or personalized, image-filled statements.
  • Can be integrated with third-party workflow and document-finishing options; customers will have access to Xerox’s business-development tools and production services.
  • Highest de-inkability rating from the International Association of the Deinking Industry, so it’s easier to recycle pages compared with water-based systems.
  • The stainless steel print head is about the size of two decks of cards and contains 880 microscopic nozzles, each half the width of a human hair.  The print head design allows for a modular approach to achieve full-width printing – up to a maximum of 20.5″. The 56 print heads are stitched together to achieve four-color 600 dpi prints.
  • Developed using more than 2,000 patents.

Customer placements are slated for the second half of this year.

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