Lexmark, Perceptive Software, Launch Interact for Lexmark Document-Capture Software

Lexmark-perceptive HQPerceptive Software, which was acquired by Lexmark International six months ago and is a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has announced its first jointly developed solution with Lexmark.  Called Interact for Lexmark, this solution integrates with Lexmark’s Embedded Solutions Framework (eSF) open-development platform, and provides automatic document capture and routing via select Lexmark MFPs’ scanning capabilities.

Interact for Lexmark enables Lexmark’s enterprise customers to:

  • Intelligently capture information at the point of creation via Lexmark MFPs’ scanning capabilities, and route data quickly and securely across an enterprise, avoiding errors, and time delays associated with centralized scanning services.
  • Connect and route documents captured with Lexmark MFPs to hundreds of ERP and other business applications, forming a comprehensive solution for content-management needs.
  • Centralize all enterprise content in one place, no matter how or where it’s captured, making it instantly accessible, secure and auditable.
  • Leverage Lexmark’s e-Task color touch screen to provide an easy user experience in a distributed document-capture environment.
  • Configure and customize the e-Task touch screen settings to enable simple and seamless document capture and management that fit specific business processes.
  • Maximize an existing investment in Lexmark hardware and enterprise applications.

“The launch of Interact for Lexmark comes just six months after Perceptive Software and Lexmark combined forces,” said Scott Coons, Perceptive Software president and CEO. “It is a tremendous accomplishment to have developed this solution so quickly, and provides a new growth opportunity by expanding our connectivity to now include Lexmark devices.”

Interact for Lexmark is available now worldwide and can be purchased through both Lexmark and Perceptive Software.

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