Happy 100th Anniversary Brother!

Is is time to make Brother—which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year–your new business partner?

Based on the results of the latest Wirth Consulting Head2Head Comparison Report—our answer is an emphatic Yes!

In our Fall 2008 Head2Head Report on B&W MFPs in the range of $500 to $1,000, the Brother MFC-8870DW bested such industry stalwarts as Xerox, Panasonic and Sharp, sweeping the Gold Medals Awards for Highest Rated Overall, Lowest Cost Per Page and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

That’s pretty remarkable performance from Brother International Company, a veteran manufacturer and distributor of a variety of consumer products that also has a long history in the business-imaging community.

Primarily known domestically for its consumer products, such as P-touch labeling systems and wide variety of sewing machines, Yasui Sewing Machine Company was founded by Kanekichi Yasui in 1908.  In 1925, the company was inherited by Masayoshi Yasui, the brother of its founder, and was renamed Yasui Brother’s Sewing Machine Company.  In 1934, the company was renamed to Brother Industries, Ltd., its nom de rigueur that endures to this day.

Brother formed its business unit in 1961, launched the world’s first dot-matrix printer for general use in 1971, and was the official provider of electronic typewriters for the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.  In 2003, Brother began production of MFPs, and a few short years later was awarded Wirth Consulting Gold Medals for its MFC-8870DW—coinciding with the 100th anniversary of its founding!

Brother International Time Line:

1908Kanekichi Yasui establishes Yasui Sewing Machine Co.
1925Masayoshi Yasui inherits the company, and renames the company “Yasui Brothers’ Sewing Machine Co.”
1932Succeeds in mass-production of domestic sewing machines.
1934Nippon Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co. (now Brother Industries, Ltd.) is established.
1941Brother Sales, Ltd. is established as a sales company for the Japanese market.
1947Exporting of domestic sewing machines is begun.
1954Brother International Corporation (Japan) is established as an exporting company.  A regional sales company is established in the Americas.  The company moves into the fields of knitting machines and home electric appliances.
1958A regional sales company is established in Europe.
1961Brother moves into the fields of business machines and machine tools.
1963Its stock is listed on the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.
1971Launches the world’s first high-speed dot-matrix printer.
1979Taiwan Brother Industries, Ltd. begins production of domestic sewing machines.
1984Provides typewriters for the Los Angels Olympics Games as an official supplier.
1985Brother Industries (U.K.) Ltd. begins production of electronic typewriters.
1987Moves into the field of telecommunication equipment.
1988Moves into the field of electronic stationery.
1989Brother Industries Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. begins production of business-machine parts.
1992Xing Inc. is established and the on-line karaoke system business is started.
1993Zhuhai Brother Industries, Co., Ltd. begins production of domestic sewing machines.
1994Brother Corporation (Asia) Ltd. begins production of business-machine parts in their consigned manufacturing facility.
1995Xian Typical Brother Industries, Co., Ltd. begins production of industrial sewing machines
1999Brother Industries, Ltd. affiliates Brother Sales Ltd. as a subsidiary.  The Brother Group Global Charter is established.
2000The In-House Company System, the Executive Officers System, and the system to include a director from outside the company are introduced.
2002Brother Sewing Machine Xian Co., Ltd. begins production of special industrial sewing machines.  The Global Vision 21 is established.
2003Brother Industries (Shenzhen) Ltd. begins production of MFPs.
2005Brother Communication Space opens.  Brother (China) Ltd. is established.  Participates in the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan, by presenting an exhibition in the Joint Pavilion.
2006Brother Industries (Vietnam) Ltd. is established.  Brother Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd. is established.  Brother Industries (Slovakia) S.R.O. is established.  Changes the industry classification in the stock market from “Machinery” to “Electric Applications.”  Brother International (India) Private Ltd. is established.
2007Accumulated production of domestic sewing machines reaches 40 million units.  Changes the number of shares per unit from 1,000 to 100 shares.
2008Brother International celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding

Can’t get enough?  A comprehensive Brother International product road map can be found here.   Before you do so, Wirth Consulting recommends that you get out your reading glasses!

Being that the Brother MFC-8870DW bested the competition in the Fall 2008 Head2Head Comparison Report for $500-$1,000 B&W MFPs, and also boasts a low CPP and TCO, Wirth Consulting heartily endorses the Brother MFC-8870DW for use in your home or small business.  Note that lowest CPP and TCO can be just as important as product performance, as who can afford the best performance at the expense of high cost of ownership? Never mind though, the MFC-8870DW swept the Gold Medals in our latest Head2Head Comparison.

Overall 12_15_08 (Small)

Happy 100th Anniversary Brother!

Happy Reading!

Terry Wirth

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  1. You are quite welcome. Throughout most of my career, I have been involved with the various Japanese technology companies and I find their histories (and history in general) quite compelling. I’m glad that you enjoyed my ruminations.

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