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FYI: Wirth Consulting DOES NOT Sell Awards

I had a typical “how’s business?” conversation with a well-respected business associate today.  After we exchanged niceties, he asked me “What is your business model?  How do you generate your revenue?”  Afterwards, it occurred...

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Do You Really Need a Color Printer?

This may seem like a dumb question to ask in this day and age.  But if you sit back and think about it, do you really need color printing in your home or small...

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Five Reasons Why You Need An A3 Color-Laser Printer

Wirth Consulting has found that there are basically five reasons that justify purchase of an A3 color-laser printer. First, however, it’s important to look at ink-jet printers’ advantages over toner-based laser/LED-array printers.  When we...