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Head2Head Comparison Reports compare a group of competitive products (“A3 Color Ink-Jet Printers,” “A4 Toner-Based Printers,” etc.) in a concise report presented in a convenient side-by-side format. These are the only reports in the industry that actually pinpoint a device that is best in its category (Best In Class). You’ll also find consumables’ pricing and yields, Cost Per Page, Total Cost of Ownership, Strengths and Limitations, and Best Use.

Wirth Consulting has produced hundreds of reports on printers, MFPs, and All-in-Ones. On this page you will find a complete list of Head2Head Comparison Reports for devices available from Authorized Dealers

†Indicates downloadable and printable H2H Comparison Report in the table below. Vendors that wish to distribute reports must contact us. If not indicated by “†”, H2H Comparison Reports are watermarked and non-printable.  All reports are copyright-protected.

How to Purchase Non-Watermarked and Printable Versions of Head2Head Comparison Reports

Fill in the order form at the bottom of the page. Non-watermarked and printable Head2Head Comparison Reports can be purchased for $40. BTA members receive a 25% discount and pay $30. We will send an you invoice payable by credit card, PayPal, check or e-check, and send the report to your e-mail inbox as soon as payment is verified. BTA Members – be sure to include your BTA member discount code.

Publication Date Category Availability
July 24, 2014 Enterprise-Ready A4 B/W Printers View
May 2, 2014 Small and Home Office Inkjet AiOs View
March 28, 2014 Enterprise-Ready A4 Color MFPs View
May 23, 2013 Business-Class A4 B/W MFPs View
January 29, 2013 Enterprise-Ready A4 Color Printers View
December 16, 2012 Enterprise-Ready A4 B/W MFPs View
October 16, 2012 Entry-Level A4 B/W Laser/LED Printers Download
September 15, 2012 Small and Home Office Color Laser/LED MFPs View
July 25, 2012 Business-Class A4 B/W Laser/LED Printers View
May 31, 2012 A4 Enterprise-Ready Entry-Level Color MFPs View
April 2, 2012 A4 Enterprise-Ready Entry-Level B/W MFPs Download
November 21, 2011 A3 Office Entry-Level B/W MFPs View
June 5, 2011 A3 Entry-Level Color MFPs View
June 3, 2011 A3 Entry-Level Color Printers Download
February 22, 2011 A4 40+ PPM Color MFPs View
July 3, 2010 A4 30+ PPM Color MFPs Download
January 4, 2010 A3 B/W 40-49 PPM MFPs View
October 22, 2009 A3 B/W 33-39 PPM MFPs View
September 1, 2009 A3 26-32 PPM Color MFPs View
July 15, 2009 A3 B/W 26-32 PPM MFPs View
June 16, 2009 A3 B/W 20-25 PPM Digital Copiers View
June 10, 2009 A3 B/W 20-25 PPM MFPs View
May 15, 2009 A3 Color 20-25 PPM MFPs View
April 16, 2009 A4 Color MFPs Download

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